It’s time to wear a watch

26 August 2017, 13:00. Posted by

As a teenager I always thought wearing a watch is not meant for me, because it is way too serious. As an adult and responsible, working young woman – I think – it is necessary. You guys who knows my style well, I only wear things that are not only fashionable, but have bold colours. That’s why I chose three different Henry London watches: pink, brown (with moon phase and leather straps) and a gold one with metal strap. This collection perfectly combines traditional styling with modern trends, pairing stainless steel cases with a spectrum of coloured dials, cutting-edge technology mechanism. The bracelets are constructed from high quality stainless steel Milanese mesh, whilst straps are made from the finest soft leathers, carefully dyed to a bespoke palette of regal shades. Henry London watches represents the people in United Kingdom. By the help of wearing these watches you can express the very essence of London: the old and new mixed together.
Pink is very popular nowadays and the gold is always a classic choice. Brown is my latest obsession, because autumn is coming and it is a perfect match for pink. I will definitely mix these two colours during the forthcoming season, because they are really complete each other.

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