Shoes for powerful women

09 March 2017, 21:00. Posted by

Born in 1990, Zeynep Dag combines her passion for modern design and art, her sense of creativity and an abundance of luxury materials into desirable footwear. After attending two Bachelors Design and Art & Design and Art in Education at ArtEZ, Zeynep earned a Masters degree in Modern and Contemporary Art. She is teaching design and art classes at different Art Academies. In 2017 Alzúarr was founded by Zeynep Dag. In the same year she presented her first luxury shoe collection consisting solely of handmade pieces.
To Zeynep, shoes are a metaphor of power. The goal of her shoe designs is to give every woman a sense of being powerful and confident. Contemporary art, street fashion and minimalism are a big inspiration to her, resulting in an eclectic and refined style. Alzúarr shoe designs are synonymous with classic sophistication and timelessness. The keyword in the brand’s design philosophy is feminine power. Luxury materials such as genuine leather, combined with quirky designs and a meticulous attention to detail, form the iconic style of the brand.
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