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I felt like a fairy tale princess in the pink satin-silver Minzkou set I wore recently. The location was perfect addition to my outfit, on the top of the Hungarian castle in Boldogkőváralja and we wonderfully captured the moment with the fluttering skirts and the off the shoulders top. The Minzkou set is a unique one, it can be turned around for exposing different colours and of course you can wear the pieces separately. The skirt can be buttoned up or down, depending on how much you want to show your feet. The set completed with silver Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

Minzkou’s silk products are 100% organic and the fabric is totally hand-woven by masters using antique silk weaving techniques, which is quite amazing to me! Plus, they don’t harm or use violence while creating the silk threads which places them above every silk brand exists and that is quite hard to achieve such mindset as a fresh brand. That type of silk I think is known as ‘peace silk’ (I’ve just got the attention of some vegans right now.) Even the dyes used for fabrics are natural. I feel quite proud for being part of Minzkou that cares so much about sustainability and creating eco-friendly fashion for all means. I of course won’t leave this post without mentioning the towels that are also made of totally organic cotton. The motif on all of them are given by hand and again woven by hand in traditional ways.

Another thing that took my attention is that they care so much about local businesses and communities as well as collaborating with local talents and are always in search of creative artistic mind for all their work. Other than that maybe an unimportant little note, Minzkou never ever steal from the ingredient of the designs meaning that: to make one skirt if 6 meter fabric needed, they use it and they do not try to cut down the cost like other brands and always using high quality fabrics for them. Even the undercoat fabrics of the items are made of finest quality. Most of their ‘two-piece set’ is priced very decently when the quality of the material and the quality of the labor is considered. Finally, for those who hate to wait; they mostly use express shipping to many countries. So congrats Minzkou!  Amazing mindset for such fresh clothing line and big steps for such a short time given.
If you would like to order something, you can do it online by clicking this link: www.minzkou.com






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