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Cordoba is symbolic merging of eastern and western influences that peacefully co-exist and blend harmoniously. The medieval kingdom of Al-Andalus is the theme for this befitting solar wardrobe with armour-fur and cuirass-corset rubbing shoulders with camail-cape and spaulder-crop top. Switching between a modernist take on the mythical Arlésienne and an athletic urban Amazon this omnipresent wardrobe drifts from bull rings to the arches of a mezquita and the curtilage of a conclave.
The collection’s 13 ritual silhouettes offer alternating dimensional perceptions like a psychedelic vision embodied by the hypnotic curves of their contours and embroidery with holographic reliefs. The twin-tone rhythm between the precious tones of the fabrics and their silky linings accents the sinuous silhouettes through contrast and intimates the concept of reversibility.
The emerald duchess satin, ruby wool broadclotch and amethyst panne velvet conjure up key liturgical colours, acting as solar panels to invigorate this stylistic offering. Navy mink pelts sheath a high-waisted skirt producing a hieratic demeanour while the steel breitschwanz pelts decorate a tunic like a knight’s breastplate for an aristocratic bearing.
The naturalist elements embroidered in low reliefs are sculpted in the fabric itself, hand-cut or punched by maison Lamarié and Guillet archival materials. They pay tribute to naive art and the landscapes painted by Dounaier Rousseau, updated in the style of kaleidoscopic botanical drawings. On shorts suit with a reverse tailcoat, the Yacine Aouadi initials are transformed into an abstract monogram by the Lesage workshops. Traditional ornamentation on ecclesiastical regalia, the cannetille turns chameleonic here in the form of a graphic mosaic and tone-on-tone arabesque motifs. Finally, the platinum-coloured sequins are concentrated and subjected to high temperatures until they curl, mimicking an astrakhan with a metallic shimmer or a magnified grid, crumbled and placed above the natté of a vest suit.
For their first respective collaborations, Yacine Aouadi and shoemaker Francesco Russo have pooled their talents to create these unique strappy sandals with a white nappa lambskin platform, embroidered with leather plant pieces and glass beads.
Inspired by the ecumenical spirit of the fraternal city of Cordoba at its zenith, the philosophy of this collection echoes with the need to promote the melting pot of cultural diversity in the current geopolitical and sociological climate.














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