Alice in Wonderland, the wearable luxury by Arnaa

08 May 2016, 19:00. Posted by

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I recently attended the presentation of Farah Sultan at London Fashion Week. The new Arnaa collection is inspired by the tale of Alice in Wonderland, which is also my great favorite, and last season in Paris I wore a corset and skirt from Olympia Le-Tan X Alice collection.

The incredibly unique and tasteful presentation, held in the heart of Kensington, in the elegant five-star Baglioni Hotel was breathtaking. The place was packed with all kinds of beautiful flowers, plates, cutlery, books, clocks and of course with cards, there only the white rabbit was missing. The two models wore lace dresses by Natasha Zinko (and I was invited to her presentation on the next day also.) The autumn / winter shoes of Arnaa looks quite similar to those from the summer ones, but the colors are very different: black, burgundy, brown, purple, green and gray defining the new collection. Embroidered flowers remained still and small fluffy pom-poms arrived. We just arrived about to the end of the presentation but as I entered the place I saw the designer and her eyes lit up immediately. It is an incredibly good feeling when a talented designer likes me and not only as a blogger, but as a person. She also noted how wonderful photos I’m usually posting. The set Farah wore that day well worth to mention: I’ve seen many luxury products, but even I was surprised seeing a white Dries Van Noten dress decorated with tulle and jewels decorated with amazing variety of precious stones combined from Bulgari earrings, Cartier necklaces and rings and a diamond-studded Harry Winston wristwatch. The next day we also met in Selfridges having pancakes with Farah and her husband and the cute little son. We talked about everything not just fashion but work. We just shot a small street style photos.
It really felt good when she told me that she feels like we knew each other for a long time. This is common with us and hope to see each other soon somewhere in a fashion metropolis.


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